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Integral management

We have a trained and experienced work team. SERINGTEC SAS is a Colombian company that started operations in 2010 in the city of Cúcuta, to provide technical engineering services for the industrial sector. In 2012, it already had important clients in the hydrocarbon sector, which led to the opening of a new headquarters in Bogotá, with the aim of expanding its market and satisfying the needs of crude oil transport companies such as Ocensa, Oleoducto Bicentenario and Oleoducto de the Eastern Plains.
Since then, SERINGTEC SAS has diversified its services and its work team, offering technical solutions adaptable to the needs of the industry. We have participated in the development of important projects in the Oil & Gas, energy, petrochemical and agrochemical, infrastructure and services industries. Our experience and continuous learning allow us to be more competitive every day.


Years of


At SERINGTEC, we develop engineering services for different market sectors, contributing to the social welfare, sustainability and permanent innovation of our allies, with high-performance teams and the use of digital tools.

We manage strategic alliances, we ensure the application of international quality standards, mitigating risks and generating value.

Vision 2021-2025

To be leaders in the development of engineering projects, studies, consulting, technical assistance, management and supervision for various sectors: Oil & Gas, infrastructure, energy, marine works and industry in general, in Colombia and venture into Latin America, adding value and sustainable development .

It seeks to expand our presence in Colombia in 2021, enter Peru and Ecuador in 2022, South America in 2023 and 2024, Mexico and the US in 2025.






Peru – Ecuador

Rest of South America







Our NTC-ISO Comprehensive Management System certifications
9001:2015 NTC-ISO 45001: 2018 NTC-ISO 14001: 2015 NORSOK S-006

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Why choose us?


Extensive background and experience

We have participated in large-scale projects in Colombia, through consultancies, engineering development, technical studies, for electrical and oil infrastructure.


Technical expertise

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience in different branches of engineering, project management in conflict zones and special management of the social environment.


Competitiveness in the market

Our services stand out for being highly competitive. We adapt to the needs of the market to achieve the highest levels of productivity and development for our clients.

Our team

We have a team of specialists
with extensive knowledge and experience in
process engineering disciplines,
Instrumentation, civil, mechanical, piping,
Electrical, environmental, among others.

Our principles

Quality in the service
It is our permanent purpose, it is the bridge to communicate and serve our clients.

We do what corresponds to us, in the best way, for mutual benefit.

I respect
We generate an environment of esteem, fairness and trust. Human dignity is for us the fundamental value.

We carry out all the actions required to comply in a timely manner with the times and deadlines agreed with others.

Our values

We act with transparency and clear moral orientation in favor of our clients.

We generate climates of cooperation and joint work in the execution of tasks that allow the achievement of the goals outlined with quality, efficiency and a sense of relevance.

Social responsability
We promote and maintain links that allow relationships of mutual respect and collaboration with the communities settled in the areas where we develop our activities, we recognize their contribution to the company and society.

We conceive work as a productive and transforming force, placed at the service of our clients to achieve the highest levels of productivity and development.

Comprehensive management programs

Driving program integral of Solid waste

Savings program and efficient use of energy, water and paper

Promotion and prevention (Emergency plan and evaluation)

Hygiene program industry (lighting noise reviews of the conditions of work

surveillance program epidemiological (muscle psychosocial skeletal

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Integral Policy

SERINGTEC S.A.S., is a company dedicated to the provision of engineering services, consulting, auditing, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial infrastructure, materials storage management, technical assistance and monitoring in the management of purchase of materials, through product innovation and continuous improvement of its integrated management system HSEQ, which allows to meet the requirements of stakeholders identified. With a high commitment from management and its collaborators with:


Compliance with legal, contractual, customer and other applicable requirements in the development of projects and in the company's operations.


The allocation of human, technological and financial resources to ensure the work responsible, safe and healthy working conditions in their workplaces, for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of the health of their workers and contractors, by means of an adequate identification of hazards, risk assessment and control, consultation and participation of the workers and contractors. workers and/or their representatives.


Environmental protection, pollution prevention, identification of aspects and control of environmental impacts associated with its activities, orienting its designs towards decarbonization and the application of the circular economy concept.


The special obligation of workers, contractors and subcontractors to ensure their safety and physical integrity, respecting the communities in the areas of influence and avoiding taking unnecessary risks. Analyzing public risk situations, establishing and applying preventive measures and complying with general or particular instructions given by the company or by customers.