Oil & gas
Since its creation, Seringtec has participated in the implementation of projects in the petroleum industry, becoming a benchmark for the development of engineering plans [U1] with high quality standards as well as the best alternative for the consulting, design and execution of projects. Over 10 years of experience and excellent results speak on our behalf.
  • Consulting and development of Engineering
  • Upstream: Engineering development for locations and oil wells.
  • Midstream:     Plot, design, diagnostic evaluation and optimization of trans- port systems, oil pipelines, polyducts and gas pipelines. Operation and maintenance of duct transport systems.     Engineering development for oil stations.     Fluid discharge and loading projects.
  • Downstream:Offices for support and technical assurance in the eld.
  • Engineering review and assurance for projects in the construction phase.
  • General: Standardization of infrastructure.Design of protection systems for oil infrastructure safety.

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